The Sales Leader's Challenge

There's never enough time to train at scale.

Sales leaders have one main objective: to generate predictable and scalable revenue. But an important aspect of this is optimizing team performance. But there's never enough time to do so effectively.

There's never enough time to listen to each rep's calls. And there is never enough time to identify how and where each rep can improve.

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The Value of Speakalytics.

Train at scale with conversational intelligence.

  • Inside Sales

    Made for a growing inside salesforce. Increase your opportunities with inside sales, and unleash your full potential with Speakalytics.

  • Business Intelligence

    Our conversational insights highlight correlations of successful calls. But that's just the beginning. Use our engine to drive business decisions.

  • Customer Journey

    Fully understand the customer's journey and identify what's most important to the buyer. See how conversational insights highlight the opportunities you're missing.


Why Speakalytics?

The Speakalytics engine is built with deep machine learning. Natural language processing and sentiment analysis are at our core. Here are a few of the stats that separate us from similar solutions.

  • 94.5%
    Transcription accuracy
  • 87%
    Speaker segmentation
  • 91.8%
    Speech syntatic understanding

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